Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Many foot and ankle conditions or disorders require the use of a custom AFO, a lower limb orthotic device

Our Orthotist will work with you, your physician, your medical/rehabilitation team, and your family/caregivers to design and provide the most appropriate AFO device to meet your needs. At Rogerson Orthotics & Prosthetics our AFO’s are either custom molded or custom fitted depending on the individual patient and their physiological needs. You may be experiencing difficulty walking, weight bearing, have chronic pain or instability in your foot and ankle due to a specific diagnosis or chronic condition: Neuromuscular disease , Osteoarthritis, Torn tendons/ligaments, Fractures, Drop Foot condition, Charcot Athropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, Posterior tibial tendonitis, Varus or Valgus deformities from severe flat feet, etc.  Benefits / Goals of an AFO:

  • Limiting pathological motion
  • Stabilize fractures or tendon injuries
  • Improve biomechanics of gait
  • Substitute for missing or impaired motor function
  • Prevent further deformity or collapse of foot/ankle joint
  • Provide pain relief and prevent surgical intervention

At Rogerson Orthotics & Prosthetics our Orthotists will provide you with a complete evaluation of your strength, sensation, range of motion, and gait pattern. Our clinicians want to help you reach your goals; we will review your expectations, lifestyle and activity levels to formulate a treatment plan for success. Rogerson Orthotics & Prosthetics AFO’s are either custom molded or custom fitted depending on the individual patient and their physiological needs. A plaster mold or series of specific measurements will be taken to ensure proper design and fit of your custom AFO. The majority of AFO’s are custom fabricated by our staff here in our shop. We may use a combination of light weight thermoplastics, carbon graphite, metal or leather to fabricate your AFO.

We custom fabricate a variety of AFO’s and work with industry leaders Providing the latest most advanced devices:

We will design and provide you the highest quality device ensuring proper fit and function. Your satisfaction is our goal!

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