Custom Face Masks / Face Shields

For Athletes who need to protect broken bones or other injuries to the face, Rogerson Orthotics & Prosthetics fabricates custom face shields.

Your custom face shield will be fabricated with “Surlyn” a semi-rigid thermoplastic. “Surlyn” is easily formed, has good transparency, high toughness, durability and resistance. “Surlyn” will not shatter on impact like other plastics/copolymers do. We also attach sweat resistant head straps that will not migrate during use.

Protective Face shields can be made either in a “full face” or “half face” design.

Unlike face shields that are available “on-line” or “over the counter” our custom molded face shield is molded directly to your facial contours and provides superior fit, protection, comfort, and clear field of vision.

We don’t just take something out of a box, we provide a custom device for you!

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