Every person with an amputation is unique. Rogerson Orthotics and Prosthetics will design and construct a prosthesis that is unique to meet your needs!

A prosthesis is a life changing device!  By obtaining a prosthetic limb designed to meet your needs you will have the opportunity to restore function and ability to an arm or a leg that was otherwise limited by amputation.

  • Do you want to participate in an independent and active lifestyle and sports activities?
  • Are you an outdoor enthusiast that requires a strong, durable prosthesis?
  • Do you want a device that is cosmetically enhanced, submersible, water-resistant, or tailored to perform your vocational needs and daily household tasks?

At Rogerson Orthotics and Prosthetics every prosthesis is as unique as the person it is constructed for. We take great care to ensure that each prosthesis is customized to integrate as seamlessly as possible into an amputee’s life. Our team reviews your individual goals, lifestyle, career, leisure and sport activities to build you the most functional prosthesis available. Our staff will meet with you pre and post amputation, we will work with you, your family and your healthcare team to answer all your questions and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are a new amputee or an experienced wearer Rogerson Orthotics and Prosthetics will meet your needs. Our designs are cutting edge and continually evolving to keep pace with expanding prosthetic and “bionic” horizon. Rogerson Orthotics and Prosthetics keeps fabrication in house! We construct all of our prosthetics with our own team of experts. We use ultra-light weight materials; aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber. We use the most modern fabrication techniques and we guarantee satisfaction.

Our Prosthetic staff is experienced, trained and certified to provide the latest technology including:
Our Prosthetic Practitioners
  • Jason C. Rizzo
    Jason C. Rizzo CPO / Director of Prosthetics

Jason Rizzo, CPO (Director of Prosthetics) has been practicing for 15 years.  Prior to becoming a prosthetist/orthotist, he worked as a Physical and Occupational Therapy Aide and as an orthotic technician.  This experience has proved to be invaluable when training his patients to use their devices.   Jason was also among the first in New England to be certified as an Accredited I-Limb Practitioner.

  • Steve Thibeau
    Steve Thibeau Prosthetic Technician / Assistant

As a below-the-knee amputee himself, Steve has first-hand knowledge and experience of prosthetic successes and failures. Steve is our Prosthetic Assistant and the in-house fabric of every single type of device we make here at Rogerson O and P.  His motivation and enthusiasm is a driving force for our staff and everyone he meets!


Live life without Limitations

Prosthetic Photo Gallery
Leaders in Elevated Vacuum Technology

The team at Rogerson Orthotics and Prosthetics are proven leaders in successful outcomes for elevated vacuum socket technologies, having perfected their technique and strategy. Vacuum assisted suspension can provide an amputee with uncompromised fit and comfort.  In 2015, Jason and Steve were selected by Otto Bock to be trained in the new EMS (Environmentally Managed Systems) Socket Technology.  Otto Bock Socket Specialist, Gary Hooks, CPO traveled to our Boston office throughout 2015 over the course of 6 months to train Jason and Steve on this unique product.  The EMS socket is a custom contoured urethane interface with a proprietary textured design that augments basic vacuum suspension.  Many users of elevated vacuum benefit from;

  • Improved blood flow and circulation in your residual limb
  • Superior suspension
  • Increased proprioception, feeling as though your prosthesis is an extension of your body
  • Elimination of pistoning and adding socks
  • Provides moisture management of your limb
  • Promotes healing of skin issues and overall healthier limb

Elevated vacuum assisted suspension may not be for everyone.  Please contact our staff to find out if elevated vacuum assisted suspension is right for you!

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