Sports & Outdoor Activities

Just because you need a brace or prosthesis doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love!

Our goal is to provide the optimal device for each patient so we make sure to consider sports and outdoor activities. Whether chasing the kids in the yard, or running the Boston Marathon, we can provide the device you need to go the extra mile. Our active patients constantly put their devices to the test and we design and fabricate each one for maximum durability and performance. So if your feet need extra cushion for running, your knee requires extra stability for skiing, or if you want to scuba dive with your prosthesis, the staff at Rogerson Orthotics & Prosthetics will keep you in the game!

Our Prosthetic Assistant/Technician

Steve Thibeau is an adventurer, athlete and outdoor/sportsman participating in triathlons, biathlons, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving, camping and hiking.  Being a below knee amputee he has first-hand knowledge and experience of prosthetic success and failure, often times testing out new componentry and technologies.  Steve is able to assist our patients in pursing their outdoor and athletic interests through his own experiences.

  • Steve Thibeau
    Steve Thibeau Prosthetic Technician / Assistant

Our Certified Orthotic Fitters

Our certified orthotic fitters can provide custom inserts for ski boots, snow board boots, hiking boots, hockey skates, figure skates, football cleats, and soccer cleats. Our patients  include professional and collegiate athletes from the Houston Texans, Notre Dame Football, Boston University Hockey and Basketball, along with many more area high school, collegiate, professional and semi-professional athletes.

  • Peter F. Rogerson III
    Peter F. Rogerson III COO / Treasurer
  • John R. Rogerson
    John R. Rogerson CO / Vice President
  • Jason C. Rizzo
    Jason C. Rizzo CPO / Director of Prosthetics

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